Change is afoot!

December 13, 2018
Plant styling

Changing careers is daunting,  especially coming off the back of a three-year stay at home mum stint. Keeping up with technology and the forever changing developments of social media are challenging enough not to mention deciding to follow a passion for living plants as the context for a new business.  Learning about business is full on enough and then having to keep the product alive and teach others how you do this.  Thanks to my friends in those beginning months for the trust and allowing me to create botanical installations in their homes and workspaces. 

Business is all about relationships and my first big thank you is to Publicity Pr who gave me the support and confidence to take a risk in the Auckland market. Teaching me about product placement, marketing and using my botanical services. Networking in those beginning months was hard as you need to sell your self, it's not my strength, I'm a creative so when Angelique from Publicity Pr introduced me to Rosie from Rose Tinted flowers, it was the perfect match.  Flora n fauna: Plants and Rose tinted: Flowers were complimenting business to share a space (and the overheads). Not to mention sharing ideas, contacts and just generally having a fun time at work together. Once we had tested the market, it was time to find a bigger space and area we wanted to be part of.  Cross Street behind K Road was our next move and boy what a vibrant, welcoming, supporting place it is! 

Flora n fauna grew over 2017 where I moved away from selling individual plants and pots to working on commercial spaces and events. Think and shift you have been instrumental in the growth and development of flora n fauna who became loyal clients generating lots of work for me in the first year. Thank you so much, James and co

The growth in the commercial side of things did mean more physical lifting, being up ladders, watering from heights, lifting many 40 l bags of soil(often up-stairs) and making deliveries in the CBD is no easy task. I employed my first staff member. My trusty girl Cara Piacun was at my side. And we took on many complicated plant installations and events together. Thank you Cara - you really are one in a million!

Winning projects at Motion sickness, Universal studios, Culprit, Ostro, Ebisu, Hustmare &  Forsyth, to name a few gave me continued confidence and pride especially when the plants kept on flourishing giving clients trust in my services and to build my portfolio. 

The many hats you wear owning a business is overwhelming at times. Numbers really aren’t my thing,  thank goodness for Xero and my talented husband Greg Yeoman who has supported me in every way of the flora n fauna journey. 

When Greg came home to say one day a few months back "how would you feel about relocating to Canada for twelve months for his business Stormwater360" I was like WHAAAT, but my business is taking off... All that hard work was starting to pay off!!! 

Decisions had to be made.

After reflecting on this for a few weeks, I realised that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and the change of living on an island for the last 17 years to a city out in the big world was going to be the best thing for our family!  Life is short right! 

Thank goodness for my trusty green fingered sister to take over caring for my maintenance contracts while I’m away! 

Be sure to follow my overseas botanical journey where I’m finally going to have the time to write and share about what I love ... PLANTS, interiors and design. 

I'm so proud of myself and what I’ve achieved and wanted to write this blog as a reflection of the last three years and to thank all that have supported me and my wee business.

I really appreciate you! 

I look forward to continuing my story.